Resist the elements.


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We work alongside owners, builders and design professionals to help educate, promote, and provide solutions for optimal thermal efficiency.

But what makes us different?

  • We care about thermodynamics! Simply put, we care about the science that supports WHY we do what we do.
  • We recognize the importance of quality products, advanced equipment, and ongoing training.
  • We strive to offer premium services at an affordable price. We don’t attempt to be the lowest bidder, but we do attempt to bring the most value.
  • We offer multiple products and services, and we believe that the “best option” is fully dependent on the needs of a specific situation.

To learn more about us and how we differentiate ourselves in the market, visit our website at

With all types of insulation, your return on investment must be measured in both the short and long term value proposition. 

Short term benefits are typically found in environmental comfort and monthly utility cost savings, while long term benefits are seemingly endless. From life-cycle utility and maintenance costs, to health and wellbeing, protecting the environment in which you live is worth significant consideration. 


View some of our Halo Thermal projects.